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Slimpal Menstrual Heating Pad for Cramps, Portable Cordless Heating Pad for Period Pain Relief, Up to 8 Hours Constant Working - SPC020

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  • [Up to 11 Hours Constant Working] With NTC sensors control, the Slimpal heating pad work continuously and safely. Will not shut down every 30 mins.
  • [Wearable Cordless Heating Pad] Lightweight and portable with a rechargeable design frees you up for other things. You can use it whenever you are working or resting, wherever in the car, or in bed without ever having to take off the device.
  • [Menstrual Pain and Cramps Relief] Heating pads are very helpful for pain relief because they increase circulation and, as a result, help to relax period cramps or tight muscles.
  • [Heat Cycle Mode] Heat cycle from 104°F to 140°F gives you the most intimate warm care. There are 3 vibration modes + 4 heated modes, more customization allows you to enjoy more relaxation and comfort.
  • [Adjustable Belt-Up to 57 inches] The massaging heating pad comes with an adjustable elastic belt that can stretch up to 57 inches, suitable for any size waist. Soft-to-Touch cozy velvet fabric cover gives you optimal comfort for the body touch.
  • [Best Gift For Your Love] This menstrual heating pad is a good gift choice for friends and loved ones for any holiday or special events, such as Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, birthday, holiday, or anniversary.
  • [Gift for Nurses - Cordless Heating Pad] A cordless and wearable heating pad with a long-lasting battery definitely helps nurses relieve period cramps and lower back pain during their long days at work.

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